Lead Guitar Lessons

If you’re looking for lead guitar lessons, you’ll need to get up to speed on the principles referenced here.

What is Lead Guitar?

Lead guitar is the melodic piece of guitar playing that often forms a musical interlude within the body of a song. Many modern songs feature a guitar solo, during which a lead guitar part is played, often with rhythm guitar accompaniment. Indeed the guitar “solo” in a lot of music is often not a solo at all because backing is provided by the rest of the band.

What will Lead Guitar Lessons teach Me?

If you want to play lead guitar well, you need to master the important concepts and techniques. These include:

  • scales
  • modes
  • licks
  • riffs
  • arpeggios
  • sweeps
  • pick-slides
  • legato
  • hammer-ons
  • pull-offs
  • tapping
  • harmonics
  • glissando
  • palm muting

This might seem like a pretty intimidating list at first sight but, with some hard work and a bit of help, you can become proficient fairly quickly.
Lead guitar lessons that give you the know how to perform the above techniques well can be found online.

Do I need to Take Lead Guitar Lessons?

You may already have come across each of the techniques and concepts listed above, but I would strongly recommend that you take the time to learn them formally from a well respected source such as Jamorama. It is surprising how many guitarists who have been playing for many months or years actually misunderstand some of the core principles of guitar theory or are using poor technique in their playing. It pays to get this right from the beginning.

It is possible to pick up some pointers from free resources online, but in my opinion you can’t beat a good, paid instructional course that a professional teacher has carefully crafted specifically for students like you.

The benefits you get from such a guitar course are huge.

First of all, you get a logically structured syllabus, which starts with the basics and then takes you through the correct steps, in the most logical order to ensure your success. This is key, because if you don’t have this sort of guidance, it’s really hard to know what to learn next and you can end up going round in circles, or worse getting frustrated because you are not yet ready to tackle advanced bi-manual techniques without putting in the groundwork and mastering the more basic techniques first.

Secondly, you are shown how to do things correctly, without any BS. The number of times I have read incorrect advice in forums about what you should or shouldn’t be doing really infuriates me. If you follow a good guitar course, you’ll ensure that you are taught correctly and build a solid foundation that will allow you to tell good advice in forums from nonsense that some idiot happens to think is a good idea but actually will harm your playing rather than improve it.

There are many other benefits to be had from getting lead guitar lessons from a proper guitar course, such as increased speed of learning, increased enjoyment in your practice and avoiding the hassle of seeking out half decent free resources on the internet.

Do yourself a favour and invest in some good lead guitar lessons today. You won’t regret it.